Jim Santo's Demo Universe

Adam Vogt - Persona Non Grata

Vogt plays bass in the Casava Experiment, a synth-based art-rock trio whose self-titled cassette made me smile in March 2001. This four-song solo effort is somewhat less successful, sorry to say. As "Your Mind" and "Take Your Own Advice" prove, Adam has a gift for melody (and good taste, giving props to Jeff Lynne and Aimee Mann), but he strains for the high notes. Also, while he's a more than capable bassist, Vogt has a tendency to play more than the song calls for. Finally, as he admits, the fidelity of this four-track recording leaves a lot to be desired. However, while I can't recommend this tape to the casual listener, it does succeed in demonstrating Adam's considerable song writing talent. And that's what a demo tape is for, innit? Here's hoping he finds the means to turn this into a finished product that we can all enjoy.

Cassette received September 14, 2001