Jim Santo's Demo Universe

C.O. Jones - Wreckuiem For The Legatines

For those cold, rainy days when nothing fits, some gloomy post-grunge to suit your mood. This young band is fronted by Jason Resinger, an uncommonly nuanced singer whose deep baritone swoops down into Peter Murphy territory. Drummer Ryan Puckett is a tight, nimble presence, despite a mix that mutes his impact. The material ranges from the melodic "Fly" to heavy angst like "Dancing With The Marionettes" and "Minor Lament," the latter of which has Resinger muttering "let me think for myself" beneath massed slabs of sound hefted by guitarists William Watkins and Billy Tucker and bassist Shane McConathy. Surprisingly, these boys are represented by Parachute Entertainment, a DC-area label whose roster trends toward innocuous pop fare; hope it serves them well.

CD received December 8, 1998