Jim Santo's Demo Universe

Brad Senne - That's Silence Talkin'

Former emo/hardcore vocalist Brad Senne (ex-Picturesque) gets in touch with his mellow self. Crooning tenderly over hazy acoustic guitar, Senne produces a folky ambience not dissimilar to the Sundays (Elliot Smith is another stated influence). It's a lovely, plaintive sound, although more variety would have helped; Senne's melodies vary little from song to song, and repeated use of a loping, 6/8 metre gets boring after a while. More tunes like the softly marching "Dead Silver" would offer a welcome respite from the daydream. Brad ought to recruit a competent drummer next time as well; his own efforts are valiant but too often miss the beat. All in all, though, an enjoyable little 4-track.

CD received September 5, 2001