Jim Santo's Demo Universe

The Bridge And Tunnel Club - Songs For Carperbaggers Come And Gone

Guitarist Scott Sendrow last visited Demo Universe back in 1996 as a member of Glouglou, a preternaturally quiet trio based in Phoenix, Arizona. Now a resident of glamorous Astoria, in the outer NYC borough of Queens (the band takes its name from an insulting term for non-Manhattanites), Sendrow is older and a little bit louder, although he can still bring it down to a whispers when he wants ("Reissue", "Arizona Rock Products Assocation"). Joining Scott on this bedroom recording are Luke Bruneaux (drums, keys, guitars, vocals), Marya Sea kaminski (vocals) and Manlio LoConte (bass, guitars, vocals, programming). Together they've produced a tender, sad, beautiful set of ruminations on loneliness, regret and a newcomes in bad old New York: "Just keep telling yourself you belong/You belong you belong/Maybe you should go back where you belong/But you've come too far this year to let a holiday defeat you like this" (from "Thanksgiving Day"). Not since East River Pipe's "Make A Deal With The City" has urban alienation been so poignantly and poetically painted. By odd coincidence, ERP's Fred Cornog did his best work in Astoria; must be something in the water.

CD received July 6, 2001