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Arms Of Kismet - Cutting Room Rug

Arms Of Kismet's almost-great 2004 debut, Eponymous, was impressively eclectic, but too tasteful for its own good; this sophomore effort shoots out more sparks and that's a very good thing. One-man-band Mark Doyon hasn't changed his approach; if you dug the way Eponymous seamlessly blended rootsy classic rock with forward-looking electronics, welcome home. But Cutting Room Rug takes more risks, bringing an edge lacking from the first album, and it simply has better songs — which is saying a lot, since pungent lyrcism is among Doyon's most potent weapons. Always a treat when an artist tops themselves! If you're looking for a bridge between Cracker and Radiohead, try Cutting Room Rug.

CD received April 4, 2005